April 14, 2022

Beosin VaaS — Smart Contract Automatic Detection Tool Officially Launched!

Beosin VaaS is an industry-leading automatic smart contract automatic detection tool, providing static scanning and formal verification capabilities for smart contract codes.

It is the world’s first automated testing tool that supports detection of NFT ERC721 contract standards.

Beosin VaaS is now available to the public in a free trial version. Each account has 10 free usage credits.

Try it for free now: https://vaas.beosin.com/

In order to understand more about your needs and provide better experience, we would also like to invite you to give some feedback after using it. Click the link to feedback: https://forms.gle/LTKXqBCfobnA1Vbr7

— END —

If you have need any blockchain security services, please contact us:

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