August 09, 2023

Up to $100,000 Rewards! Beosin hosts the Sei Hackathon with partners!

Between August and September 2023, Beosin, in collaboration with the Sei Foundation, Alibaba Cloud, and co-hosts MoleDAO and Builder DAO, will hold a hackathon "Code Sei: Powering New Gaming and DeFi Exchanges" in Singapore. This event has garnered support from over 30 technology communities, university groups, and media outlets, further highlighting its widespread attention and recognition within the industry.

The event will focus on the decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3 gaming ecosystems, bringing together pioneers with ambitious and innovative thinking from the industry. Experts from various fields such as exchanges, infrastructure, cloud computing, security auditing, and venture capital will provide comprehensive support and insights, collectively exploring cutting-edge trends and innovative opportunities in DeFi and Web3 gaming. This will serve as a platform that gathers creativity, intelligence, and technology, leading the development of the Web3 ecosystem.

Sei Hackathon: Unveiling the Enormous Potential of Web3 Ecosystem

Under the theme of "Code Sei: Powering New Gaming and DeFi Exchanges," this hackathon aims to provide a broad platform for DeFi and gaming builders to construct Web3 projects using Sei's advanced technology stack. Sei, as an open-source blockchain platform, seeks to establish its influence in the Asia-Pacific region through this event and facilitate collaboration among like-minded industry professionals. This hackathon aims to empower outstanding talents and teams in the Web3 field, encouraging global exploration of the vast potential of Web3 ecosystem.

Generous Prize Pool and Valuable Opportunities

Participants will have the opportunity to compete for a total prize pool of up to $100,000, which includes Sei Grants, Alibaba Cloud credits, and Beosin audit discounts. This hackathon not only promises substantial rewards but also provides participants with valuable networking opportunities. During the event, participants will have the chance to showcase their skills, interact with industry experts, and gain recognition within the Web3 ecosystem.

Total Prize Pool: $100,000

Sei Grants: $35,000 USD

Alibaba Cloud Credits: $10,000 USD

Beosin Audit Discounts: $55,000 USD

Note: All projects MUST deploy on Sei.

Top Security Company Provides Audit Assurance

As one of the organizers of this hackathon event, Beosin will offer exclusive audit discounts to the winning teams. Beosin possesses extensive experience in smart contract audit. We have collaborated with over 3,000 blockchain companies worldwide, providing security technology services and auditing more than 3,000 smart contracts. Our audit methods and the expertise of our professional team ensure our reputation in the industry. Beosin audit experience for projects in Sei ecosystem previously, further demonstrating our technological strength and professional capabilities. In this hackathon, Beosin will continue to provide audit support for Sei language to ensure project security and reliability.

Beosin consistently upholds an objective, rigorous, and reliable approach, contributing our efforts to the secure development of the blockchain ecosystem. Through close collaboration with the Sei Foundation, we look forward to bringing more innovative opportunities and security assurance to participants in "Code Sei: Powering New Gaming and DeFi Exchanges" . Let's work together for the future of Web3 and showcase Beosin's professional audit capabilities.

Diverse Participation and Packed Schedule

"Code Sei: Powering New Gaming and DeFi Exchanges" will attract active participation from blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and technical pioneers. Participants will engage in a packed schedule of events, channeling innovative thinking to actualize ideas. The hackathon officially commences today and will run until September, covering key stages including registration, online submissions, project evaluations, winner announcements, and an offline demo day.

Registration & Online Submission: until 3 Sep

Project Evaluation: 4-5 Sep

Winner Announcement: 6 Sep. 10 teams will be eligible for offline demo day.

Offline Demo Day: 9 Sep

Venue: Level 4, 51 Bras Basah Road, Lazada One, Singapore 189554

Starting today, we officially open project submission registration! Click on the QR code below or the button below to register!


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