Smart Contract Audit

Project Explorer

  • Allows users to search and explore the security status of blockchain projects in the system, discover the hottest projects with the highest market cap, learn the latest security news and alerts, and find the recently added projects.
  • Users can find project details which include security scores for the past 30 days, token market trends and volatilities, distribution of the tokens, identified risk transactions, liquidity pair information, social media followers, audit status with reports, and other project information from the white paper, location of the source code, to the official website, etc.
Smart Contract Audit

Security Score

  • Leveraging Big Data and AI, EagleEye assesses each project daily with a security score based on 5-dimensional on-chain and off-chain data, including the project’s security audit results, risk transaction frequency and severity,decentralization, market volatility, governance and transparency.
Smart Contract Audit

Risky Transactions

  • Users can search and explore risk transactions identified in the system by a transaction hash or wallet address.
  • Search results can be filtered further by blockchain type, risk type, and alert level.
  • The system displays the risk type and severity level identified with each transaction. Currently, the system can identify risks associated with the privileged operation, flash loan, ownership transfer, and large abnormal outflow.
Smart Contract Audit

Address Monitoring

  • Define any wallet addresses to be monitored for potential risks.
  • Notify users in real-time 24by7 when risks are identified.
Smart Contract Audit

Security Sentiment

  • EagleEye compiles the latest security sentiment from numerous reputable websites and influential social media accounts to help users quickly and easily access and learn security events in the blockchain ecosystem from a single place.

Our Advantages

  • Expert in formal verification

    We are one of the first companies in the world to apply formal verification to the blockchain. With over 20 years of experience in formal verification technology, we have audited thousands of smart contracts.

  • High-accuracy security testing

    Automatic testing to locate the code vulnerabilities with an accuracy up to 97%.

  • Support multiply mainstream blockchain platforms

    Supporting ETH, BSC, MATIC, AAVE, ONT, EOS, etc.

  • Easy formal specifications

    Formal specifications are written directly in contract language. No additional efforts in learning specification language.

Supported Blockchains

Beosin, your blockchain security expert.

About Beosin

Beosin is a leading global blockchain security company co-founded by several professors from world-renowned universities. We provide integrated blockchain security services and products to serve 1 million+ users in the global blockchain ecosystem.

  • Security experts 40+ PhDs
  • Years of cybersecurity experience
  • Onchain AI Data Analysis & Formal Verification Technology
  • Labeled crypto addresses
  • Identified code vulnerabilities