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Smart Contract Audit

Malicious Address Library Inquery

  • Through Blockchain Security incident Analysis, offline intelligence and unique AI engine analysis technology, Beosin has accumulated billions of labels that includes security attacks, dark web, mixer, fraud, extortion, gambling, etc.
Smart Contract Audit

Sanctions List Screening

  • We constantly monitor and update the OFAC sanctions list, the EU sanctions list and the UK sanctions list to ensure the timeliness of our data.
Smart Contract Audit

Quantitative Risk Assessment

  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of transaction & address to locate clear risk points, which makes address & transaction more transparent and helps the user make the most informed decisions.
Smart Contract Audit

Address Monitoring Alarm

  • In addition to the regular monitoring rules, we provide an exclusive abnormal transaction behavior engine to help customers monitor the abnormal transaction behavior of the address 7*24 hours to avoid the loss of asset and reputation.
Smart Contract Audit

Risk Positioning and Tracking

  • Intelligently, one-click display suspecious transaction of an address, trace the detailed flow of funds to help clients verify the source of risk and visualize the risk crypto activities on chain for regulatory review.
Smart Contract Audit


  • Help clients to meet the regulatory requirements (AML, CFT, etc)
  • Help users to securely interact with blockchain protocols
  • Reduce business risk of VASPs to the greatest extent



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Our Advantages

  • Over 1 Billion Address Labels & 100K Entities

  • Intelligent Analysis & Modeling with AI technology

  • Easy-to-use Interface & API

Beosin, your blockchain security expert.

About Beosin

Beosin is a leading global blockchain security company co-founded by several professors from world-renowned universities. We provide integrated blockchain security services and products to serve 1 million+ users in the global blockchain ecosystem.

  • Security experts 40+ PhDs
  • Years of cybersecurity experience
  • Onchain AI Data Analysis & Formal Verification Technology
  • Labeled crypto addresses
  • Identified code vulnerabilities