Smart Contract Audit


  • Cryptocurrency regulatory compliance Policy should be met by VASPs Urgently
  • Complication of risk assessment for virtual asset service provider
  • Shortage of research, data, tools, and knowledge cause difficulty of developing and implementing business in crypto industry
  • Fraudster continue to create new threat vectors and evolve new exploits, and multi-accounting schemes, dummy accounts, group attack is keep growing


  • Real-time on-chain Monitor and Alert

    Based on Beosin 6+ years experience of onchain data analysis and AI engine analysis, we can monitor and alert large volumes of addresses and activities on-chain and alert risks in real time.

  • Massive malicious Address Library

    Massive malicious address library(1 Billion+) including Money Laundering/Darknet/Mixer/Stolen, etc.

  • Intelligent Analysis Engine

    Build various criminal behavior models and intelligently analyze transactions and address with AI technology.

  • Suspicious Asset Path Visualization

    Automatic generation of Flow of funds that show the connections between addresses & risks for the VASPs to investigate the source of risks.

  • 7*24 full time Support

    Beosin has experienced experts in blockchain security industry that provide dedicated 7*24 H support, and emergency response services.

  • KYC Automatic Check

    An automated biometric on boarding identification system to process Doc Verification, Anti-forgery Checking, Face Verification and Liveness Detection.

    • Determine you are who you say that you are. Check. ID authenticity, content, and match face-on-doc with user’s live selfie images.

    • Check the authenticity and ensure the information integrity for passports, ID cards and other Identity documents.

    • Authenticate user by face, device and user behavior. Safeguard user login and high value transactions etc.

    • ID Network designed to check selfie duplicates to prevent multi-account schemes.

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