Cryptocurrency Tracing

Personalized investigation service for stolen cryptocurrency, blackmailed, or transferred into Tornado Cash.

Smart Contract Audit$10B+Recovered for 1,000+ clients

Beosin Tracing

Smart Contract Audit

Beosin Tracing helps clients prevent cryptocurrency threats such as scams, ransom, assets being transferred into Tornado Cash, and other security threats; and investigate cryptocurrency theft cases.

With a full range of capabilities, the Tracing service can assist clients in recovering their lost cryptocurrencies. It supports AML Risk Assessment, Transaction Analysis, Crypto Address Monitoring, Real-time Intelligence Notification, and Cryptocurrency Forensics Report that law enforcement agencies can use.

  • Smart Contract Audit

    AML Risk Assessment

    Through AML Risk Assessment, clients can assess the risk of each wallet address before performing crypto transactions to ensure AML compliance.

  • Smart Contract Audit

    Crypto Address Monitoring

    Hackers often move funds from one address to another to hide their tracks. Crytpo Address Monitoring can monitor suspicious crypto addresses in real-time. When a transfer is initiated, new addresses are immediately tagged and stored in our database to be monitored.

  • Smart Contract Audit

    Transaction Analysis

    The Transaction Analysis feature can help find the final destination of stolen crypto funds, regardless of the complexity of transactions. With a library containing 300+ million tagged addresses, we can track and analyze mixers like Tornado Cash to discover the destination through Big Data analysis and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

  • Smart Contract Audit

    Real-time Intelligence Notification

    Whenever stolen funds are deposited to an exchange address, Beosin can notify victims immediately.

  • Smart Contract Audit

    Forensics Analysis Report

    The Tracing service can generate a report containing forensic information about an investigated crypto transaction. It includes specific crypto addresses, transactions, wallets, entities, and links between them to explore the transactional relationship and uncover suspicious activities. This type of report findings can be used to assist law enforcement organizations in their relevant investigation and actions.

Successful Stories

  • Smart Contract Audit

    A FIL coin staking node was exploited. The hacker modified the node address and transferred unfrozen cryptocurrencies via Tornado Cash. Beosin security team was able to track the stolen cryptocurrency transactions and their final destinations.

  • Smart Contract Audit

    In a “rug pull” scan on an Ethereum project, Beosin’s team help the client analyze fund flows, lock the target address, assist the client to report to the law enforcement and issue a forensic report.


  • Smart Contract Audit

    Case Communication

  • Smart Contract Audit

    Analyzing fund flow

  • Smart Contract Audit

    Targeting the suspects

  • Smart Contract Audit

    Targeting the money

  • Smart Contract Audit

    Issuing forensic reports


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