Blockchain Security Audit
Multi-dimensional, Multi-round, and Multi-way audit to secure blockchains.
Smart Contract Audit
Service Content
Language Coding Security Audit
Smart Contract Audit
Block Production And Governance Audit
Smart Contract Audit
Accounts System Security Audit
Smart Contract Audit
Assets Security Audit
Smart Contract Audit
Application Layer Security Audit
Smart Contract Audit
Service Process
Smart Contract Audit
Blockchain Platform Security Audit Options
White Box Testing
Grey Box Testing
Black Box Testing
Smart Contract AuditSmart Contract AuditSmart Contract Audit
White Box Testing
Audit Categories
Audit Sub-items
01Language Coding SecurityLanguage Feature Security
Third-party library security
Hardware resource consumption
Exception handling
Arithmetic operations
Code injection
Thread safety
02RPC securityPermissions of RPC sensitive interface
Traditional Web security
RPC implementation security
03Wallets and accounts securityDistributed key generation algorithm
Distributed key storage security
Distributed key usage security
04Transaction model securityTransaction processing logic
Transaction fee
Transaction replay
Transaction signature
Cross-chain interaction security
05Block processingBlock synchronization logic
Block signature
Merkle tree root construction
06Consensus securityConsensus mechanism design
Consensus mechanism implementation
Incentive mechanism design
07P2P communication securityOccupancy of connection counts
Node discovery algorithm
Node communication protocol
Routing table contamination
Traffic size limitation
Communication encryption
Node penalty mechanism
Eclipse Attack
Sybil Attack
08Cryptographic SecurityCryptographic algorithm implementation/usage
09Historical vulnerability detectionSecurity vulnerability audit

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