November 11, 2022

Beosin EagleEye: Attack Blocking Feature to Protect Your Assets

Statistics from Beosin EagleEye - the security monitoring, alerting and blocking platform shows that the total amount lost in the blockchain ecosystem from January to October 2022 due to attacks has reached about $3.3 billion. Attacks are becoming increasingly frequent and the amount involved is getting larger.


In terms of the fund flows, only about 4% of the stolen funds in Q3 2022 were recovered. It is evident that after being stolen by hackers, many assets cannot be recovered, and it is becoming increasingly important to protect assets by blocking the attacks.


Why do we need blocking?


On March 29, Ronin announced that it had been hacked and over $600 million in cryptocurrency was stolen.


According to Ronin, unidentified hackers entered the system on March 23 and stole 173,600 ETH and 25.5 million USD Coins. This incident was only discovered on March 29.


The project was unaware of the theft for a whole week, and by the time a large amount of assets were transferred, it was already too late.


If the real-time blocking feature of Beosin EagleEye had been used, the hacker's attack might not have been successful.


Beosin, a leading global blockchain security company, has launched the Beosin EagleEye - security alert and monitoring platform, which has been able to achieve 7*24 real-time monitoring of the global blockchain ecological projects. This product, based on AI technology and combined with open source intelligence clues, can achieve early warning of contract and transaction risks, and security assessment of project risk, assisting users to build a comprehensive security monitoring capability.


Now, after the iteration of Beosin EagleEye, its "blocking" function has been officially implemented, which can protect your property to the maximum extent when hackers perform attacks.


"Real-time blocking" gives you minute-to-minute defense against intrusion


Beosin EagleEye can provide real-time risk alerts for all kinds of projects in blockchain ecosystem. By automatically detecting contract security status, monitoring on-chain operational status and real-time transaction behavior, it can automatically identify abnormal transactions and comprehensively assessing operational status.


At the same time, Beosin EagleEye combines real-time data analysis both on-chain and off-chain to promptly discover security risks during the operation of Web 3.0 projects, and provide early warning and real-time blocking to secure your assets and bring you minute-to-minute defense against intrusion.



Scenario-based, customized blocking strategies to defend against frequent attacks


Beosin EagleEye blocks the path of hackers from the source, and in the Blocking Task section, you can set customized blocking policies to form a tight security network.


Accurate monitoring feature for balance


After this iteration, Beosin EagleEye added the monitoring service module to realize the unified management of monitoring services, laying the foundation for the subsequent expansion of other monitoring services.


Security remains a major challenge for the blockchain ecosystem. Now more than 2,500 blockchain projects have been monitored by Beosin EagleEye for security. It sends real-time alerts to subscribers for 10 kinds of abnormal risk transactions such as large transfers, flash loans, privilege changes, slippage, etc., and plays a preventive role against security issues such as hacking, fraud and rug pulls. For more details, click on the official website to check it out or contact us by email.





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