September 12, 2023

EagleEye: Leading Your Web3 Gold Rush

In the mid to late 19th century, a series of massive gold rushes swept through the American West. During this period, many people flocked to the western regions in the hope of finding gold and achieving wealth.


Gold seekers traversed wilderness and rugged mountain ranges, searching for traces of gold in rivers, valleys, and mountains. They used various tools and techniques such as gold pans, sluice boxes, and hydraulic mining machines to extract gold. Some lucky prospectors discovered rich gold mines and amassed immense wealth, but many others did not realize their dreams.


In the 21st century, a new gold rush emerged in the form of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, and Ethereum, created by Vitalik Buterin, led people to mine in the world of blockchain. Fifteen years have passed, and some have profited greatly while others have faced losses. Today, blockchain has evolved into the Web3 craze, and people have not ceased their search for this "digital gold."


Similar to the gold rushes of the 19th century, people are flooding into the blockchain space, hoping to gain substantial profits through investments and project participation. However, this phenomenon also carries risks and uncertainties, where some may find success, while others may experience losses.


Just as gold prospectors used different types of tools, in the Web3 craze, we also need the right tools to discover our own "gold mines."


To help Web3 users unlock the secrets to wealth and enhance their financial security, the Beosin team has created this innovative product called EagleEye. As digital currency prospectors, you can use this platform's services to investigate projects, addresses, risks, and relationships between projects. Additionally, the platform can assist users in monitoring projects and SmartMoney addresses of interest.


Our goal is simple – to guide you in embarking on your own Web3 treasure hunt.


Gold Rush Method 1: How to Mine Early Projects, Monitor Trading Signals, Identify Project Risks, and Increase Returns.


Let's delve into the process of striking your first gold, shall we? This case study will guide you through the steps of discovering early projects, monitoring trading signals, identifying project risks, and maximizing your returns.


If you're contemplating an investment in a new DeFi project and you're unsure about whether it's a "Hodl" trap (where funds go in but can't come out, and you can't sell), or if it has the support of a significant whale, 24/7 whale trading signals, and critical project progress updates, what should you do?


Step one: Open the EagleEye platform. Utilizing the Hot Project service, you'll observe that the liquidity, coin price, and whale trading activity of the project you're interested in have been steadily increasing. This suggests that it's worth delving into further research.



Step two: Uncover the whale trading records for this project and have the opportunity to conduct further research on whale addresses.



Step three: Delve deeper into determining which addresses hold the largest amounts, tracking how liquidity changes every 10 minutes, aiding users in assessing the project's pool liquidity.



EagleEye conducts automated audits of the project's underlying contract code, assisting users in identifying risks and providing an additional layer of protection for those who prefer to take a more aggressive approach.



Additionally, EagleEye will reveal to users the relationships behind certain projects, assisting them in assessing the project's narrative and ecosystem development, and providing valuable insights into the team's capabilities. It is also highly beneficial for evaluating and identifying potential Rug Pull projects.



If a project of interest to the user encounters security risks or experiences significant new developments in partnerships, EagleEye processes the relevant information and promptly presents it to the user. This facilitates the user's decision-making regarding their subsequent trading actions.



Furthermore, users can also assess the development and operational capabilities of the project team by gaining insights into the backgrounds of its investors and auditing information.



Gold Rush Method 2: Discover and Analyze SmartMoney Addresses, One-Click Profit Following.


We often come across some "smart" addresses that easily spot Web3 gold mines. How can you profit alongside them?


If users want to find SmartMoney, one way is to check the Hot Money dashboard on the EagleEye homepage. This section analyzes SmartMoney and provides users with information for research and tracking.



If users already have specific address information, whether it's someone else's address or their own, they can present it using the EagleEye Address Analysis module. Taking the following address as an example, EagleEye can provide users with basic information about this address, such as Balance, transaction details, incoming and outgoing fund balances, and even inform users that this address is the deployer address of a certain contract/project, with a Tag indicating high risk.



Users can also study the holdings of this address and its recent changes to optimize their profit-following strategy.



Furthermore, you can also examine the recent transaction history of this address through the "Latest Transaction" section to calculate its trading profits. This way, you can stay informed and follow the "smart addresses" in the quest for your financial success.




Gold Rush Method 3: How to Understand High-Risk Factors Associated with a Project or Your Own Address?


Another capability of EagleEye is to assist users in analyzing project risks before they engage in transactions, ensuring that the "gold" in your wallet isn't stolen by hackers.For instance, if you've traded in a particular project, but your friends warn you about potential risks associated with it, how can you confirm this and determine if your address is involved in any high-risk authorizations?


Firstly, you can utilize EagleEye's Risk Display module to gain insights into the risks associated with your address or the project. For instance, whether your address has interacted with high-risk contracts and what high-risk authorizations exist. Additionally, you can assess if the project you've traded in is potentially a "Hodl" trap.



If you discover that your address has contract authorizations, and a particular project (e.g., CRV) contract has recently been compromised, this feature serves as a reminder to users about potential risks during everyday transactions, enhancing asset security.



To assess the security of a specific project, you can either navigate to the "Risk Query" on the homepage or click on the "Security Check" section within the project display page for a more detailed project security scan. This information empowers users to make secure investment and trading decisions.



Gold Rush Method 4: Delve Deep into the Project's Network of Relationships to Assist in Research and Further Trading, Getting Ahead of the Game.


Through the EagleEye platform, you can delve deep into the network of relationships behind a project, providing valuable assistance for your research and trading.


Project Investors: EagleEye can provide information about the investors in a project, allowing you to understand who is backing the project financially. If you discover that the investors in a particular project have connections to previous popular projects, it may suggest that the project has access to certain resources and has received endorsements from reputable individuals.


Project Associations: EagleEye can unveil the relationships between different projects. You can determine if a project shares team members, investors, or partners with other successful projects. These associations may indicate that the team possesses experience and expertise and has achieved success in similar fields. This is highly useful for evaluating the potential and reliability of a project.


Community Insights: EagleEye also gathers and organizes community information. You can gain insights into the discussions and feedback about the project on social media, forums, and other platforms. These insights can help you gauge user satisfaction with the project and the interaction between the team and the community. By analyzing the sentiment and opinions within the community, you can more accurately assess the potential risks and opportunities associated with the project.


Gold Rush Method 5: Continuously Monitor "Hot" Projects and Gather the Most Accurate Investment Signals.

When users want to continuously monitor a "hot" project and gather signals for entry, the EagleEye platform can provide the following entry signals:


EagleEye offers real-time project tracking features, allowing you to stay updated with the latest developments and updates of a project. You can set up notifications and alerts for projects you're interested in, ensuring timely updates on project progress, important announcements, or critical events.


Additionally, EagleEye can assist you in monitoring community sentiment and market reactions. The platform collects and analyzes discussions and opinions about the project on channels such as social media, press releases, forums, and more. Through sentiment monitoring, you can gauge market perceptions and emotions regarding the project, as well as potential market trends and investment opportunities.


By incorporating real-time updates, sentiment analysis, technical indicators, data analytics, and expert opinions, you can make more informed investment decisions and seize timely trading opportunities.

EagleEye aspires to be your intelligent "gold rush" assistant


EagleEye aims to evolve into a more open and intelligent Web3 analytics platform, creating an ecosystem co-created by the community. Users can uncover investment opportunities through data sharing, collaborative research, collective exploration of project risks, and actively participate in the development of the EagleEye ecosystem. EagleEye will also forge broader partnerships, including users, on-chain data service providers, researchers, security service providers, Web3 projects, and more, forming a secure and profitable ecosystem network.

Ultimately, EagleEye will become users' intelligent "gold rush" assistant in the Web3 space, delivering profound value to their investments.

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