April 30, 2022

Loss Exceeds $80M Due to Reentrancy Vulnerability in Contract

On April 30, 2022, according to Beosin EagleEye, FeiProtocol’s Rari Fuse Pool was exploited for about 28,380 $ETH. Beosin security team analyzed the incident and the findings are shown below.

FeiProtocol Introduction

Rari Capital empowers individuals to break free by creating new opportunities, communities and financial products. The official website: https://rari.capital/

Relevant Information

As multiple contracts were exploited, here only one transaction is analyzed here.

Transaction hash:


Hacker address:


Hacker contract:


Victim contract:


Exploitation Flow

  1. The hacker first flashloans from Balancer: Vault.

2. Use the funds from the flashloan for collateral lending in Rari Capital due to the existence of reentrancy in Rari Capital’s cEther implementation contract.

The attacker withdraws all the tokens in the pool affected by the protocol by calling back the attack function constructed in the contract.

3. Return the flashlaon and send the profited funds to the 0xe39f contract.

Vulnerability Analysis

This attack mainly exploits a reentrancy vulnerability in Rari Capital’s cEther implementation contract.

Fund Tracing

As of this writing, the stolen funds are estimated to be more than 28,380 ETH (approximately $80.34 million) and currently being deposited to TornadoCash, with the majority still at the hacker’s address.


In response to this incident, Beosin security team recommends:

1. Use call.value with caution when making ETH transfers. Make sure that reentrancy will not occur.

2. Before the project goes live, it is highly recommended to choose a professional security audit company to conduct a comprehensive security audit to avoid security risks.

If you have need any blockchain security services, please contact us:

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