November 30, 2023

Unlocking Web3 Business Insights and Risks: The Power of Beosin API Features!

With the rapid development of blockchain and crypto assets, the second half of Web3.0 has arrived. In this era full of opportunities and potential, understanding and mastering accurate, reliable data becomes crucial. In response to this demand, Beosin is pleased to announce the official release of its unified API V1.0.0 on our official website. This platform aims to open a gateway for practitioners to the compliant world of Web3.


Beosin API positions itself as a Web3 security and compliance data analysis platform, providing Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASP), Venture Capital (VC), and projects with a series of decision-worthy data. It assists users in gaining insights into Web3 business opportunities and potential risks. Whether you are a practitioner or investor, Beosin API will be your powerful assistant in the Web3 space, offering broader and deeper data coverage to help you seize opportunities in the blockchain world.


Quick Overview of Beosin API Comprehensive Features

1. On-chain Security: Protecting Your Users from Fraud and Threats in Web3

Beosin API excels in on-chain security, designed to shield users from fraud and threats in Web3.


Fast Risk Tag Updates

Utilizing its in-house on-chain risk identification engine, Beosin monitors on-chain transactions in real-time, identifying abnormal behavior. It provides customers with timely risk warnings and related risk tags, such as hacker attacks, project fraud, or exit scams, preventing user fund losses.


AI + Manual Verification for Double Assurance of Tag Accuracy

Beosin API employs a combination of AI technology and manual verification to ensure the accuracy and reliability of risk tags. The AI algorithm automatically analyzes vast amounts of data, rapidly identifying potential risk indicators. The manual verification team then further validates and confirms these indicators. This dual-assurance mechanism effectively reduces false positives, enhancing tag accuracy.


World's Strongest Contract Code Automatic Detection Tool

Beosin API boasts the world's most powerful automatic contract code detection tool, conducting comprehensive security checks on smart contracts. Using dynamic analysis and static scanning algorithms, it discovers potential vulnerabilities and security risks in contracts. Users can promptly identify security issues within contracts, mitigating asset losses and system attacks.


Industry-leading AI + Formal Verification Capability

Beosin API excels in formal verification, utilizing industry-leading capabilities. Formal verification, based on mathematical reasoning, comprehensively validates smart contracts to ensure they meet specified security and correctness requirements. By combining AI and formal verification technology, Beosin API offers a higher level of security assurance, protecting users from contract logic errors and vulnerabilities.


Beosin API Application Scenarios

Black Address Monitoring for Safer Transactions 

In the realm of crypto assets, black addresses refer to addresses associated with malicious activities, potentially involving scams, money laundering, or hacking. To ensure transaction security, Beosin API offers black address monitoring, helping users identify and prevent potential compliance risks.


Beosin API's risk tags are built on a real-time updated blacklist database. Continuously monitoring and collecting the latest security information, risk tags promptly identify addresses, transactions, and entities related to malicious behavior, providing users with the most accurate risk assessment and warnings.


Phishing Website Detection to Guard Against Phishing Fraud Risks

Phishing website detection is a crucial feature provided by Beosin API, aimed at protecting users from phishing website fraud risks. Phishing websites impersonate legitimate sites with the intent to deceive users into providing sensitive information, passwords, private keys, or other financial data. Through phishing website detection, users can effectively prevent and respond to these fraudulent activities, ensuring online security in the Web3 environment.


Smart Contract Code Security Checks

In the Web3 world, smart contracts form the foundation for decentralized applications and digital asset transactions. However, vulnerabilities and security risks within contracts can lead to asset losses or system attacks. By using Beosin API's contract code security check feature, you can quickly assess the security of smart contracts, ensuring reliable and secure participation on the blockchain.


Token Risk Assessment 

As essential infrastructure in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, the security of token contracts is crucial for both investors and project stakeholders. Beosin evaluates token risks comprehensively across dimensions such as contract code, business logic, transaction restrictions, and entity identity security. This multi-dimensional assessment safeguards customer investment and ensures the healthy development of projects.


2. Compliance Security: Establishing Comprehensive Compliance Operations to Meet Global Crypto Regulatory Requirements

Beosin API holds several advantages in regulatory technology, aiding users in flexibly managing crypto asset risks and establishing comprehensive compliance operations to meet global regulatory requirements, including:


Hundreds of Millions of VASP Data

Beosin API possesses data on hundreds of millions of Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASP), offering users comprehensive market insights and data support. Users can leverage this data to better implement travel rules, ensuring compliance with their operations.


Billions+ Address Tag Data

Beosin API also provides billions-level address tag data, making on-chain behavior more transparent and understandable. These tags help users gain a better understanding of address identities and purposes, allowing for more accurate risk assessments and compliance monitoring.


Coin Swap/Cross-Chain Automatic Analysis

Frequent coin swap operations allow money launderers to obscure the source and destination of funds, making tracking fund flows more challenging. Cross-chain operations enable the transfer of assets between different blockchain networks to obfuscate the path of fund flows, increasing the difficulty of regulatory investigations. Some coin swap and cross-chain protocols offer anonymity and privacy features, making it difficult to trace and monitor the identities and transaction details of participants. Beosin API features automatic coin swap and cross-chain analysis to help users discover hidden risks. Through automated analysis of coin swap operations, users can promptly identify potential risk factors and take corresponding measures to prevent risks.


Industry-leading Comprehensive Risk Discovery Model for All Cryptocurrencies

Beosin API adopts an industry-leading comprehensive risk discovery model capable of identifying and assessing risks for various crypto assets. Whether it's Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies, Beosin API can uncover potential risk exposures, aiding users in making informed decisions.


Supported public chains include: BTC, Ethereum, BNBChain, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, Klaytn, LTC, Stacks, and support for all cryptocurrencies.


Flexible and Diverse Risk Strategy Templates

Beosin API provides flexible and diverse risk strategy templates, allowing businesses to easily meet compliance policy requirements worldwide. Users can choose templates based on their specific needs and customize settings to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


Upon successful integration, you can perform the following risk assessments:


Deposit/Deposit Transaction Risk Assessment

Scientifically assess the risk of deposit fund sources to avoid illegal fund contamination.


Withdrawal/Withdrawal Transaction Risk Assessment

Scientifically assess the risk of withdrawal fund destinations to promptly adjust risk strategies and minimize reputation loss.


EOA Address Risk Assessment 

Thoroughly assess the historical transaction behavior of addresses to understand their true identity and potential risks.


Malicious Address Inquiry

Inquire about the risk-class tags of addresses and entities, such as malicious addresses, sanctioned addresses, business blacklists, etc.


VASP Inquiry 

Inquire about the VASP tags of addresses and entities, helping you better implement travel rules.


3. EagleEye API Helps You Stay Ahead in Investment Decisions

Upon integrating the EagleEye API, you will gain first-hand intelligence on your monitored projects, including investment and financing, community, business relationships, and more. This information is updated daily to ensure timely information, backed by a team of one hundred human reviewers to ensure data accuracy. Additionally, deep project research data is provided, enabling you to stay ahead in your investment decisions.


Project Basic Information

Providing basic project information such as market value, token contract, token price, position ratio, liquidity, trading volume, etc.


Project Intelligence 

Provididing data on the project's financing situation, team background, security audit reports, related projects, open-source security sentiment, etc.


Project Security Monitoring

Pushing firsthand project information to customers through Telegram, email, and Webhook. Content includes financing information, attacks, exit scams, third-party reports, cooperation information, related policies, etc.


Project Community Information

Providing active social media counts for the project's official channels on platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Github, etc.


How to Easily Get Beosin API for Free 

Visit the Beosin official website, where you can find the Beosin API features under the "Services" menu.


Beosin API offers a convenient registration process. Users can register directly on the Beosin official website, choose an API package suitable for their needs, and try it for free. This improvement in the user experience eliminates the need for the previously lengthy manual account opening process.


Once registered successfully, users only need to log in to the official website user center, configure API private keys independently, and view current API packages and usage in real-time. This automated API management platform makes it easy for users to use and integrate technically, effortlessly handling diverse needs.


These mature interfaces provide comprehensive data support. However, the Beosin API team does not stop at this point; in future iterations, they will continue to update interface capabilities and expand services into more areas. For example, interfaces in the EagleEye investment domain will provide more accurate data analysis for risk investors, while basic data service interfaces will offer more comprehensive and real-time basic data support.


In terms of pricing, Beosin API offers monthly and yearly packages for users to choose according to their specific situations.


Beosin API is currently offering a limited-time trial! Welcome everyone to try it for free with a single click on the official website!


Official website link:


If you need any blockchain security services, welcome to contact us:

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